The EMom Revolution and Your Place in It

Whether you are a Career Mom looking for a way out of corporate America so you can spend more time with family, or a Stay-at-Home mom looking to earn solid income from home, joining the eMom revolution might be just the solution.

What is an eMom? An eMom uses the power of the internet, combined with the Home Based Business Movement to achieve a successful and balanced way of life. Gone are the days when women had to choose between work and family. We can take ownership of these two elements, balance them to meet our individual preferences, earn good money and raise good kids too! Mothers who choose to stay home with their children no longer need to wait patiently at the sidelines while their husbands struggle alone in the increasingly difficult world of “jobs”.

The internet has set us free from that old paradigm. Moms, get ready! You’re about to bring home the bacon and cook it too! Using the internet, mothers can supplement, match, or even surpass a family’s existing monthly income, providing families with a whole new level of freedom. And using the internet to do it means that there will be no more tupperware or beauty cream parties (unless you enjoy it, of course).

As you join this powerful eMom work force, you’ll want to keep your expectations realistic. Expecting your online business to flourish over night is NOT realistic. Any promise of instant income is an empty promise at best. However, there are many respectable, legitimate online businesses run by good people who are willing and eager to teach you the ropes of working online from home. Be prepared to pay your dues as you enter the world of online business!

There is a LOT to learn about this industry and you’ll want to get up to speed as quickly as possible. So the first thing you’ll want to do is find the right opportunity for you. There are online businesses to suit every taste from legal services to domain registration to beef jerkey (no kidding)! What ever business you join, be sure that the people you’ll be working with are available and willing to teach, guide, and coach you all the way to success. The internet has a reputation for being impersonal, but when you work at home, the internet is your literal connection with your “co-workers” and you will need them, espeically when starting out. So make sure you’ve got good people to work with. This is essential.

You’ll also need to consider a few other things before you invest in any kind of online business venture to decide if being an eMom is really for you.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1) Am I the kind of person that works well alone?

2) Can I handle making business decisions for myself when provided sufficient information and training?

3) Am I able to sit at the computer for any length of time without going crazy or going to sleep?

4) Do I have “office space” at home? (This might be something as simple as a kitchen table to rest your laptop on. Personally, I have a big computer armoire in my living room that constitutes my “office”.)

5) Am I willing to learn the skills and acquire the knowledge required to be successful online? Remember, if you’re serious about making money online from home, you’ll have to delve into the world of online marketing. It can take time to acquire the tools necessary for bringing in a reliable online income.

Those are just a few things to consider and hopefully will encourage you to think more about what having a home based online business would mean for you personally. I can tell you this: My journey in the world of online marketing has not always been easy. I have had my successes and my losses. But the challenge has been exhilarating, the results are rewarding, and the freedom is priceless.

Here’s one more question to ask yourself before you go: Am I willing to prospect? Yep, most online businesses contain an element of good-old-fashioned prospecting. I prefer to think of it as marketing. And really, any successful business does it. With the right training and mentorship, you can prospect the easy way. Hey let’s face it! You want to work at home so you can have more time and money, not so you can chase people on the phone and be rejected, right?

Correct online marketing does NOT include cold calling, selling, or chasing down prospects. I use a system that lets prospects come right to me so that I don’t have to really “sell” anything. My business grows itself and I simply tend, cultivate, and eventually harvest the fruits of that growth.

If you’re considering life as an eMom, don’t be fooled into thinking you can do it overnight. But you CAN do it. Plenty of people are willing to help you along the way, including me.

Source by Kelly Araneda

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