The iEDGE Nintendo DSi Multimedia Card

Multimedia cartridges for the Nintendo DS and DSi consoles let gamers use their handheld consoles for purposes other than gaming. For example, their DSi / DS can be converted into an audio or MP3 player, a video/movie player or even to read eBooks. It’s even possible to read PDF files and other office documents on Nintendo DS consoles with some newer generation multimedia cards such as the iEDGE. Naturally, games would still be able to be played as normal, and no alterations are required to the Nintendo DS console.

The iEDGE is one of the newest DSi cards to come onto the Nintendo DSi cards market. It follows the famous EDGE DS card which was arguably the best overall DS card ever produced for regular Nintendo DS and DS Lite consoles. Unfortunately, the EDGE DS card ceased production during the summer of 2009, but it was replaced with the iEDGE after Chinese New Year in 2010, which was also compatible with newer Nintendo DSi consoles.

The iEDGE DS uses the traditional Micro-SD card slot at the top of the card. It employs the generally more sturdy push-slot mechanism for the slot, and the dimensional control of the iEDGE is unusually good for a DS card, meaning that the Micro-SD card slot is likely to be quite tight fitting. This is great news as this means the Micro-SD card is not likely to fall out or be bumped out of place during use. A newer innovation with the iEDGE is a small plastic cover over the metal connecting strips at the bottom of the card. This helps prevent scratches or unwanted touching from an oily finger, for example – and generally secures the most sensitive part of the card from damage via external influences.

Finally, the actual sticker on the face of the iEDGE is slightly thicker than many other cards and is also slightly padded, to better protect the electronics inside the iEDGE DS.

The iEDGE operating software looks identical at first to the original software on the EDGE DS, which proved to be a hit with consumers to the point where the EDGE DS was the highest selling DS card in most world markets in the first half of 2009, selling faster than even the R4 card. The software is arguably the most stable of any DSi card released up to this point (time of writing July 2010) and the team release regular compatibility updates to ensure the correct functioning of the latest games. The iEDGE was created to be a direct replacement for the EDGE DS and for this reason many of its features remained identical – which can only be seen as a good thing.

Other trademarks of the success of the EDGE DS have made their way onto the iEDGE. The website provides very clear instructions as to how to set up and update your card if necessary, which is something most other DS card websites (mainly owing to poor quality English) lack. It still comes in its unmistakable trademark triangular packaging, making it extremely aesthetically pleasing and an ideal DSi card to give away as a gift to family or friends.

In summary, the iEDGE follows on from the original EDGE DS as one of the most well built cards in the industry with software to match. The EDGE DS team have adopted a “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” strategy which sees the iEDGE retain its fantastic user interface, great packaging and good support and compatibility. It is the ideal DSi compatible card as a gift and will prove popular with both the DSi and DSi XL consoles.

Source by Thomas Liddington

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