The Positivity Pot

Something happened this morning that opened the valve of inspiration in my mind. It happens every now and then, but then I read a newsletter that I get each morning from a charity, and the valve opened still further!!

Let me start, well, at the beginning. In a morning I wake up, and go and make a coffee (unless my wife gets there first!). We lie in bed with our coffee and cell phones and catch up on the latest social media news. I know how sad this sounds, but there is always something about your “news feed” that can give you a smile, a positive feeling to start the day, inspiration, or even a piece of news that you had not heard (such as a star passing away or our Prince Regent being in hospital).

Well there I was this morning, and as I flicked through the various snapshots of people’s lives and business progress, I saw this advertised: “100 Positive Days”. My first thought was “Well, that’s not enough”. Then I got to working out how much a years worth of “Positive Days” would cost me (nearly £40). It was only after all of that, that I read what the jar contained – “100 positive quotes, to help you through the day”. The idea was, that every morning, you wake up and take a quote out of the jar, and it helps inspire you. “Nice idea,” I thought – but then there are calendars and diaries that give you this for free.

My next thought hit me like a train in mid journey – a really fast and heavy one! What if we start with an empty jar, and add the positivity to it, AND all of the positivity inside it relates directly to us? By now my head was hurting with all of the valve activity that was occurring!!

My next task, once I had dragged myself out of bed, on this, the final day of the Christmas holiday, was to read my daily dose, in the form of the newsletter I receive. Now I wrote the New Years Eve newsletter, about the Resolution Revolution. I was intrigued when I found the message in this morning’s newsletter though, and how it kind of related to it.

I then got to combining my early morning discovery, my idea which came from that, my Resolution Revolution, and today’s newsletter “2012… A Year of Firsts” – and I took them all one step further. But first of all I found a jar and a sticker!! (My wife thought I was insane hunting through cupboards for something to use – not a jar but a plastic glass!!) On the sticker I wrote “The Positivity Pot”, stuck it onto my pot and placed the pot on my desk!

So here are your instructions, on what to do with YOUR “Positivity Pot”:

We make our DAILY resolution (The Resolution Revolution) – “Today will be a positive day” – which sets us into a positive frame of mind for the whole day. This means that you should get at least 365 positive occurrences in your year (366 this year of course!!) That’s one per day – it may not be a first, but its something that is special and good to you.

Each morning, the first thing you do, once you’ve made your resolution, is think back to yesterday – what is the best thing you can remember about yesterday? You won a big contract? Your attractive neighbor smiled at you? You spent quality time with your kids? You made a difference to somebody? So many things could happen in a day. Once you have that thing, write it on a piece of paper.

Fold that piece of paper and drop it into your pot – you’ve made your first deposit of positivity, into your positivity account at your positivity bank.

Make a deposit EVERY day without fail – there is always at least one thing that you can take from the day, when you look back.

Over time your account and your pot will begin to FILL with positivity. Can you imagine how inspiring it will be to see “The Positivity Pot” fill to the brim, and maybe even spill over?? Every day you can be inspired by just how positive your life ACTUALLY is, and because of this, your thoughts and actions will become more positive, therefore multiplying the positivity in your life.

As for withdrawals… When you have a bad day, or feel like you are lacking in inspiration, put your hand into the jar and make ONE withdrawal ONLY. Read it out loud – it will make you smile, or bring back a positive emotion about something you achieved. Once you’ve used it, then it has to be discarded, it CANNOT go back into your positivity account.

Next New Years Eve, withdraw your balance, and count it up – this will show you how many positive days you actually had! Then read them all alone, or share with your family. Laugh about them, recall them, discuss them – it will leave you with a warm glow, as you set about building your “Positivity Balance” once more, over the New Year.

Have a very positive year, and good luck with building your “Positivity Balance”.

Source by Dale Preece-Kelly

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