Top 5 Adventure Watches

They are highly acclaimed by the general public, especially by the business man who likes the outdoors during his free time. The truth is that adventure watches are simply cool. Everyone has a cousin that wears that surfing watch or that uncle that has those diving ones.

This article has the purpose of showing the top 5 adventure watches out there.

Wenger LED Nomad The business type look-a-like certainly brings a subtle and refined appearance to it’s design. The watch has a vibrant red case around the hands and a classic Swiss quartz movements plus, the watch is very rigid and solid. This watch can take care of it self even in the deepest deserts of planet earth. A water resistance of 330ft adds up to the theory. Mineral glass crystal is also a positive feature to the Wenger LED Nomad’s dependability.

Casio Pathfinder PAW-5000 With a rather diver’s style appearance, the Casio Pathfinder is perfect for the common adventurous men. The almost entirely digital watch brings a compass along its hands and a really tough water resistance innovation. The watch has also a triple sensor; temperature, altimeter/barometer, compass and it is very resistant to low temperatures. The adding up feature is a new technological advance on its solar power which will make the watch’s battery last for a long time.

If you are planning to go into a “Into the Wild” adventure kinda like, in the middle of Alaska all by yourself, this is the watch to take it with you.

New Alpinist models from Seiko Introduced in 1961, the Alpinist line has been Seiko’s product for the upscale outdoorsmen. Designed for the ‘Yamatoko’ or ‘mountain man,’ these are watches for those who hike and climb mountains. The watch it self has a very distinct look, bringing sophistication yet rigorousness to the style. The Seiko SARB063 is considered to be a piece of art. An astonishing water resistance and a hard crystal glass are the features that the classic design that makes sure to always deliver.

Nite MX10 Special Forces Accredited by NATO anti-piracy crew and used by the US troops, The MX10 Nite watch brings credibility into play. The watch has a four year battery and a water resistance of 330ft, The watch has also a rare failsafe illumination system. The GTLS technology is only used by advanced military hardware in which will maintain the bright illumination going for 10 to 20 years.

The best MX10 feature is yet to come, compared to the other watches designed for extreme conditions and adventurous trips, The MX10 is very inexpensive, it is sold for around $280 dollars online.

Citizen Eco-Drive Sailhawk The Citizen Eco-Drive Sailhawk is made for only one purpose, water activities. With a ridiculous water resistance of 660ft, the Eco-Drive in perfect for Scuba diving, sailing, swimming, kayaking and canoeing. The watch is also not only for the adventuring days, it can amazingly track the time and date in 22 time zones and in 30 cities, not to mention an impressive artificial light power.

Source by Erica Conway

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