Understanding IP Camera Smart Focus and Auto Focus Technology

Smart Focus, Auto Focus, what does it all mean? To you the IP Camera professional it should stand for, “Will save you time on Security Camera installations.” Before I explain this let’s take a step back and look at what this technology actually does.

Smart Focus, Auto Focus IP Cameras are designed with a technology inside the camera that allows you to manipulate the image remotely across the network. No more having to rent a Boom Lift and sending a crew out to refocus a camera, it can now be done remotely from the comfort of your home or office. Some Auto Focus cameras automatically focus themselves by internalizing the image in the sensor and adjusting it to get the clearest picture. Do be aware that you just can’t hang the camera and it will focus itself perfectly every time, sometimes you will need to make some minor adjustments using the focal buttons on the cameras Graphical User Interface. Each camera manufacturer uses a specific combination of technology inside their camera to deliver the Auto Focus experience, you will need to be sure to get a test model from the manufacturer to test and inspect the performance of the product before purchasing.

Currently, most IP Cameras being installed are using a Manual Focus, Fixed or Varifocal Lens. On larger camera installations, specifically the ones that require more than 100 cameras the cost savings is multiplied dramatically when utilizing Smart Focus instead of their Manual Focus counterparts. To test this theory it is recommended that you actually time your installation team when they install a non Auto Focus-Smart Focus camera and then perform the same test with the technology included. Once the time difference is recorded multiply that with the number of cameras that need to be installed and compare this data against the recorded time required to install a non Smart Focus-Auto Focus camera system. Smart Focus-Auto Focus cameras are typically more expensive to purchase yet with the time saved actually not having to focus a standard camera it is common to save money installing the more expensive Auto Focus-Smart Focus cameras.

With that said, being able to hang cameras and adjust them remotely will cut down installation time on most any size IP Camera installation and in the long run allow you to make the necessary focal adjustments needed to make sure your IP Cameras are delivering the crisp image you and your customer expect. Using Smart Focus-Auto Focus cameras on your next installation not only allows you to speed up your installation time and save money yet it also provides your customers a true tool to help them keep their Surveillance System in good working order.


Source by Dan Stricklin

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