Using Vlogs For Insurance Agency Marketing

Many businesses are now blogging to express ideas, showcase content, drive SEO, and establish thought leadership. Blogs are an excellent way to accomplish these strategic objectives, and continue to gain in popularity and usage. Even further out on the cutting edge, however, is vlogging. A vlog is a video blog, and can achieve the same objectives as a written blog, with several additional benefits. Let’s review these benefits in more detail, and discuss why insurance agency marketing plans should incorporate a vlogging strategy.

1. A vlog can expand your agency’s internet presence to YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, and other video hosting sites. This extended reach will allow your agency to have a presence on sites that your current and next-generation prospects are already using. It will also establish your agency as keeping up with current trends and technologies, rather than being mired in traditional and outdated tactics.

2. Vlogging will be a strong insurance agency SEO driver for your agency. For example, YouTube is the number three website in the world, in terms of traffic, and is very highly indexed by the major search engines. This means that for a given long tail search term, a YouTube result specifically matching that term can appear on page one for the major search engines. A higher ranking equals more clicks, which will result in more hits to your website, translating into additional inbound leads.

3. Ease of concept demonstration. Sharing a brief video can help your target audience understand your concept, product or service far more easily than any number of written articles could ever do. The visceral connection created by a video is far more memorable than text written on your website.

Vlogging is definitely cutting edge. Relatively few businesses, including insurance agencies, brokers and agents, currently have an active vlogging program, but the number is rapidly increasing. Waiting until everyone else starts vlogging places agents in the insurance agency marketing laggard category. Creating a vlogging program in 2011 will help establish an insurance agency as a leading agency, one which accepts if not embraces change.

Source by Michael Lauducci

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