Vlogging – Whats All the Fuss About?

Well, Vlogging is basically Video + Blogging. It allows people to express their opinions verbally rather than writing long submissions and posts. It also helps express your views in a way that it is not portrayed or perceived in the wrong way. A lot of times when you type something out whether it be in a chat room or a blog post, people tend to take things the wrong way and interpret it in a way that their mind sees fit.

When Vlogging, There is no specific way to do it, rather there are specific reasons. Many specific reasons include but are not restricted to the following:

o Making a name for yourself

o Letting the viewer know exactly how you feel

o To gain more visitors

o To make money

o To gain respect by your peers

o To gain friendships

Whatever your reason for doing so is up to you and I will be honest. Vlogging works. Vlogging is not new, it’s been around for a long time and only recently people are catching on to the power of it. There is an eBook circulating the internet called “Vlogging Exposed” which goes into detail on how to Vlog, where to start, how to get people to see it and how to get others to use your Vlog to help you get traffic to your blog. I mean, what good is your blog if nobody reads it?

There are several sites like youtube, myspace and others that allow people to upload their own videos and people are now starting to use those mediums for vlogging. Then they post those vlogs on their blog and it allows people to share them with their friends or others they come across on the net. It helps expose your self to new visitors almost instantly.

So with that said, go ahead. Start Vlogging! Start exposing yourself to the masses and start getting the traffic you need to create that little extra income for yourself.


Source by Chris Moniz

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