Warm Up in a Cold Office

It is winter in the US and it is winter in the office. Brrrrr. Why is it so cold inside when it so cold outside? Some feel is it a psychological matter. Others feel it is a matter of who controls the thermostat. No matter which way you think about office temps, there are ways to stay warm in a cold office and ways to stay cool in a warm office. Bottom line: chill out in a cold office and stay warm and comfortable.

Me, Myself and My Eight Hour Igloo

One would think that living and working in the southern part of Florida would be ideal. But the warm and humid air outside forces businesses and business owners to crank up the air conditioning. Never mind that the office temp is already a chilly 68. No one seems to remember that when you blast cold air on a warm body, the body and its immune system are cold shocked. Viruses sneak in then and soon the common cold has taken over.

My igloo, or more importantly, my desk, is positioned almost directly under the AC vent. This makes my workspace very cold all day long. I am always in need to a new way to stay warm so I can write/type faster. Some ideas work better than others.

Three Layer Lady

Keep a dressy warm scarf at work to prevent cold air from hitting the wrong places. Wear layers. A wool blazer or jacket and cardigans are all easy to remove if one gets too warm or goes outside for lunch. Think about getting a shawl to throw around your shivering shoulders. Those who work in cold climes already know how to stay warm inside and outside. Perhaps it is just those of us in the warmer locations who are subjected to freezing offices. Certainly all the equipment in a production needs to be cooled, as well as its employees.

Those Little Cheap Loves

Look under the desks of almost everyone in my office and you will find a space heater. Small and compact, they are turned on and up for most of the 8.5 hours we are here. The best place to get them is at a drug store or order online since they are usually sold out before winter starts. Most of them are inexpensive too.

Move It!

Assuming you do not work with Atilla the Hun, get up at least twice a day and move around. Walk up and down a flight of stairs to get blood moving which will warm you. It also gets you away from the computer, off your chair and rest for your eyes and back. These are all good healthful benefits.

Go Shopping

I have pair on now as I write this: fingerless gloves. Mine are made of fleece which is a nice hand-warmer. Speaking of which, why not order some hand-warmers to stash in your pockets and use when the office temp goes skinny dipping in the Arctic? Socks keep feet warm. It is often said that if your feet are cold, the rest of you will be cold also. So put some socks on or order some if you don’t have any. And to be frank, why not order a nice pair of closed toed shoes and boots to go with it? What’s the point in having socks without something nice to slip your now warm feet into?

A Hot Poddie, Anyone?

Almost every single coffee and tea in the world is now in pod form. This means having a favorite hot beverage at your desk is a snap. Pod coffee machines are not priced to high either. So invite some cold people into your work space for a nice cuppa joe. They will appreciate it.


Source by Rebecca E Dougherty

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