Wendy’s Wellness – Make Them All Fit and Happy!

This time we present a new addictive time-management game that will surely find its fans. Wendy’s Wellness stays in the same line with Sally’s and Jane’s series – and guarantees the same fun for all time-management addicts.

Just another business-running time-management? Yes, and much more!

Wendy is a fitness maniac, as well as her uncle, and so she decides to open her own wellness centre with all the possible services when the last one in her town closed up (using the uncle’s money, of course). Nothing much of a story, really, but I wouldn’t say the game needs it, actually. You’ll run 10 different centers, from a stadium to a wedding palace, 5 levels each, and meet a number of different customers, each with his/her individual features.

So, the basic game play, as I already mentioned, is time-management. Customers come to your centre wishing to use some of your services. Most of them will first need a warm-up. For this you drag them to the warm-up station and click on them for Wendy to come and give them the training. After this they will want to use some other stations, like treadmill or spa, or, in the later levels, yoga and tanning salon. Some of them need a mere click and Wendy’s presence. You’ll be able to hire assistants for all such stations in order to relieve yourself of some work. But some, like treadmill and spa, require additional effort interacting with splash screen appearing when Wendy comes to complete the task. For example, to give your customers a proper spa treatment you’ll have to choose the program of three parameters (watch the sun hints). After all the customer’s needs have been satisfied, you can drag him/her to the checkout and get your money. As usual, the amount depends on the level of customer’s patients (defined as hearts over their heads). So try to keep them fully satisfied if you want to get all the possible cash.

The hearts are also important for building up your experience – and getting promotion in rank together with some helpful character upgrades, like Wendy’s speed and charisma, as well as features helping you deal with the splash screens quicker.

Of course, the money is also used to buy upgrades – not for Wendy, but for the centre. Additional and improved machines, assistants and a mini-bar with pacifiers for customers are at your disposable – quite affordable but still requiring considerable effort to acquire.

Not all of your customers are the same. Some of them are VIP (look for the respective icon) and require personal training at the end of the game. This is done in the form of 12 exciting mini-games (one for each customer type) like memory, a simple platformer, bingo and others. The mini-games are also accessible from the menu.

As to the visuals, they are quite nice though could be better. It’s rather strange seeing a bride exercising with barbells in her wedding dress or a football player taking a bath in his uniform. Still, they are quite OK.

On the whole the game is of rather high quality and definitely deserves your attention. Welcome to Wendy’s Wellness!


Source by Sonya Slavina

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