What Advancements In Technology Have Enabled Laptops To Become Cheaper In Recent Years?

At one time, laptops were very expensive and mostly used by business persons. In recent years, advancements in technology have helped to greatly reduce the costs of laptops. Now, laptops are the fastest growing computer sales area showing no signs of slowing down. Almost everyone seems to have a laptop today. Now, consumers have more choices when searching for a laptop and the technological advancements is making them more popular than desktop computers.

Current technological developments have made laptops the top selling computer. Every time new and more efficient technology is introduced, the price of laptops will drop. The development of new technologies has made the costs of producing laptops much cheaper and the savings are passed on to the customer. The improvements in portability have made the laptop more appealing and cheaper. You can now buy laptops as light as 2.2 pounds. In addition, you do not need a power outlet to connect a laptop to the internet. You can connect to the internet anywhere there is Wi-Fi. This is very advantageous for people on-the-go.

New technology is emerging faster than ever before which means new laptops are always being released. When a new laptop model is introduced with new features and functions, within just a few of months, the prices of the older models will drop. Sellers will reduce the prices of older models to make room for the new models. Extended warranties and support also make the laptop more appealing and worth the investment. Also, the smaller size of laptops is making these computers more popular. You can get laptops that are small enough to be carried around with great ease. They are not just lightweight, they are ultra-thin. You can easily carry them in a carry bag. Screen displays can be as small as 10 inches. Also, the quality of laptop screens has increased so that there is now almost no difference between laptop and desktop computer screens.

Even though laptops are small, they still have all of the performance and functions of a desktop compute at lower costs. You still have high processing capabilities, large memory, and ability to handle intensive videos and graphics, while being able to browse the internet and use word processing. Smaller CPUs makes laptops cheaper and there is enough space to employ more options such as on-board wireless connectivity, DVD burner, multiple USB ports, on-board webcam, on-board microphone, and digital and audio input/output.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology have allowed for wireless Internet for laptops. Wi-Fi networking has allowed for the development of networks across similar wireless devices such as mobile phones. Browsing via mobile wireless Internet with 3D laptops is now seen as technology that will soon be used by a great number of consumers. There are even forecasts that predict battery technology will be replaced by solar power and micro fuel cells. Technology and competition are the two major factors that have caused the price of laptops to decrease. These two factors are expected to continue so laptops are going to remain very affordable for quite some time.


Source by Paul J. Malcolm

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