Why Laptop Computers Are Selling Like Hotcakes

The American economy and manufacturers have adeptly found their way to adapt to the ever fast-paced and busy American life. Instant food, drive-through restaurants, fast food chains, drive-through banks are some only of the proof that Americans are living by the second. For such reasons, technology was inspired by their culture that machines such as washing machines, dishwashers, portable computers and just recently, tablet computers, may have been patterned to their lifestyle.

The first laptop or portable computers that we see and use today may not look like the way it was years ago. However, they were both portable and lapable and were evolution of the various versions that we currently have today. Furthermore, each new version has become better and offer more exciting features than the previous ones. Sizes too have become varied that the term “notebook” was coined due to the notebook-size laptops that came out in the market.

Laptops are selling like hotcakes over the years. In the third quarter of 2008, PC laptop sales increased by 40 percent which is in contrast with the desktop PC’s decline by 1.3 percent. Hence, such figures were indicative that laptop sales exceeded desktop sales globally. What makes them so saleable?

Researchers, people into sales and marketing, reporters and journalists were the first few to benefit such gadget. As the years went by, more people have come to avail of its handiness as even students and office workers are seen tinkering on it in coffee shops and restaurants where wireless connection is offered as one of the attractions to lure customers into them. Nowadays, a wireless internet connection is a pre-requisite why consumers and customers flock a certain establishment. The markedly increase in laptop sales then, may be attributed to the popularity of wireless internet connection in business and entertainment districts.

Laptop, as the name implies is a portable gadget that can be carried around, placed in handbags or sling bags. Given their size and weight, mobility is afforded anywhere and anytime. With its size, it can be laid down on the table during meetings for example where data can be retrieved for reporting. A researcher beating deadlines on the other hand, can do multi-tasking while being in front of the laptop and juggle between eating doing research at the same time.

Indeed laptops are reaching their momentum and it is not far from reality that soon desktops may find their way to the dinosaurs. With the mobility that laptops afford, it is no wonder why many are hooked into buying it.


Source by Greg Pierce

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