Work at Home – 7 Personal Character Traits That You’ll Need to Succeed

The opportunity to work from home is highly coveted. Especially among moms who want to be home with their children. My experience of helping mom entrepreneurs build their businesses has taught me that there are common character traits that help moms become successful as they try their hand at running a home business. All 7 of these are must have traits. You can not be successful without them.

Discipline– This is the ability to give yourself a command and follow through. The successful moms, who work from home, work many, many hours. They work through the night, while on vacation, even when sitting in the car pool lines.

Risk Taking– There are no guarantees in business (or life). To be successful you recognize this and pursue anyway.

People Skills– The ability to get along with people, the willingness to please without self-sacrifice, practicing patience and listening attentively.

Confidence– You must believe in YOU, even when others don’t. Support from family and friends are nice but your biggest supporter should be YOU.

Motivation– You must be a self-starter and go-getter. Your decision to work from home should have an emotional/internal impetus that keeps you charged and moving forward even when money and customers are not available.

Administrative skills– The ability to organize, plan, schedule, compute, and communicate effectively.

Flexible– The ability to start (the day, a project, a business) with your ideas and plans yet make adjustments along the way. You must feel comfortable making decisions and taking charge but you also need to know when to sit back, listen and follow the flow.

Multi-Tasking– Working from home means answering two phones, juggling work and home schedules, sometimes tending to children and clients at the same time. This must be done with calm and speedy peace.

Source by Teisha Shelby-Houston

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