Work From Home – Rebate Processing?

Rebate Processing seems to be getting more and more popular as a home business opportunity but what is it, and is it a reasonable option for those wanting to start their own business? This article looks at both questions and provides suggestions to those planning to become a rebate processor.

I must admit that before I started researching this article I had no idea what a ‘rebate processor’ did, in New Zealand companies off ‘cash backs’ rather than ‘rebates’ and even then this form of marketing seems restricted to technology related products.

Put simply, when a consumer buys a product that has a rebate or cash back they are required to send in a proof of purchase such as a receipt, coupon or barcode to the seller or manufacturer and they receive a cheque for the amount of the rebate in return.

This is simply another style of inducement that marketers use to encourage consumers to buy their product.

Because rebates are posted in and a cheque returned they must be processed, hence the term rebate processing. Usually rebates from large companies are handled by a processing company operating under contract.

Although it appears from the advertising that becoming a home based rebate processor involves simply processing these rebates from large companies, this is rarely the case. Generally online rebate processing is basically a type of affiliate marketing where the processor gets paid and percentage of the sale price of an item. The ‘processor’ offers a rebate out of their own money as an inducement for people to buy the product.

The training that many online rebate processing companies offer is generally training about affiliate marketing. While affiliate marketing is a perfectly legitimate way of making money usually the advertising for rebate processing jobs do not mention this aspect of the job. Basically the main difference between affiliate marketing and rebate processing is that you offer a rebate on the goods you are marketing. It makes sense that the more knowledge of affiliate marketing you have the better you will do at rebate processing.

So, is rebate processing a good work from home opportunity?, the answer is, it depends. If you are expecting to simply collect information and forward rebates to people who have brought products previously from some large company then online rebate processing is not for you. If you are interested in  affiliate marketing then rebate processing may suit.

So far I have been talking about legitimate companies but like most work from home opportunities online there are some unscrupulous companies out there, companies who will take your money and never provide you with promised training materials or starter packs etc. To make sure you don’t get involved with these sort of companies I recommend doing a lot of research before making a decision.

If you are looking for a home business you should look for an opportunity that ‘ticks all the boxes’ and that you feel comfortable doing. The saying “there is more to life than just money” is true for the company you join too.

Source by Paul Anstis

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