Work From Home Running a Mobile Oil Change Business

When my husband and I first thought about starting a business we automatically looked at “work at home” leads. We wasted time and money on many that looked promising but were either flat out scams or “nicely dressed scams” which is a term I use for the ones where you actually could sell something online. The problem was that you were to sell the same offer so to speak instead of an actual product.

We did not want any part of that. We then continued to look at other types of business opportunities, mainly franchises. Most did not really appeal to us; we wanted something unique, something that could help others. That is when we happened on the idea of a Mobile Oil Change business. Now here was something that was unique, a service that would help people and it could be run as a home based business! Yay!

We tossed this idea back and forth for quite some time. We tried to come up with as many positives and negatives as we could so we could then stir it all up and see if it was a viable business plan. We made lists of what it would take, not just equipment wise but in all ways. What we would physically and mentally have to pour into it as well.

Mentally it takes a real desire to help others, accepting that it could take time to build up a customer base and the ability to accept rejection. (As in any business, not every potential customer is going to be as excited about what you have to offer as you are)

Physically it would take being able to work on a variety of vehicles, ability to get up and down off the ground as you are performing the service, and most important the endurance of various weather conditions.

Of course it takes other things, some cash or ability to get it, a place to keep your product and supplies, some basic office equipment…. We had some cash saved and excellent credit so that was covered. We had a garage so keeping a van and product was no issue. We had a computer and basic office supplies so…

All said, it came together; we had a unique home based business of our own providing a real service. And so we found that YES there is such a thing as an excellent home based business!

Source by Melinda Johnson

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