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When my 91 year old mom stated that she wished she knew which vitamins to take so she wouldn’t have to take so many, I knew that my GeneWize product would help her. Just think of the nutritional supplements that pass through our bodies every day and we didn’t need them in the first place. When we have a program like GeneWize that can tell exactly what our bodies need, there can be a tremendous savings to us. We wouldn’t be taking the wrong supplements, not to mention the advantage of regaining our health.

Genetic testing sounds like a concept straight out of a science fiction novel. But this chance to peek into the future of our health is an opportunity some people are taking today. People with a family history of certain medical conditions can soon plan for their futures by understanding their health risks.

A person’s DNA can be examined by just using a small swab on the inside of the cheek, and sending it into GeneWize (sounds a little like what you have seen on CSI, huh?) From this information, they can put together the exact formula for the supplements your body needs.

It is already possible to predict the probability that a person will develop certain diseases. And soon, based on the recently completed mapping of the human genome, it should be possible to predict every forthcoming disease or condition not caused by external (i.e. diet, and exercise) factors.

Scientists are on the very edge of this technology. GeneWize wellness consultants will be able to recommend and supply vitamins and supplements for certain conditions. Currently, from the DNA testing, you can tell exactly which supplements your body is lacking and which will best serve you in maintaining your health..

A whole new world is opening up. We are in the right place at the right time. “Boomers don’t just populate existing life-stages, industries or consumer trends, they transform them.” They have transformed the food industry, the auto industry, the financial markets and now they are transforming healthcare.

The product we have from GeneWize will open doors to health. I am fortunate to be a part of a work from home business that can accomplish these things and provide answers for the masses. Get your DNA test from GeneWize and give your body what it needs.

Source by Yvonne Sappington

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