Working From Home – Five Great Reasons Why You Should!

Working from Home – Is it the Panacea for Beating Redundancy?

That certainly is a thought provoking question. How many people do you know, and this may well include yourself, who have recently lost their jobs? Are under the threat of losing their jobs? Have had to take a cut in their level of income? Have had their employment hours reduced and basically are finding it very difficult to make ends meet?

I’m sure that everyone of us can answer yes to the above question. The demographics of working practices have changed and are are continuing to change at an alarming rate but this is not new. Throughout history working practices have always been changing. When I was at school we were taught to type using, the ancient relic of, a manual typewriter. When I first started work it was using an electric typewriter with layers of paper and carbon.

When computers hit industry in the late 70’s, early 80’s typewriters began to disappear. Every industry has evolved over its lifetime just think back to how things were before Henry Ford began the first production line for making cars – only the rich could afford them.

With change comes progression but is it the same now? Because everything is so automated, thanks to the internet, can you and I still find work and earn a living? The answer to that is YES! Working from home will be the future for many of us.

A few years ago I would never have admitted that but as companies downsize and with the accessibility of the internet many traditional jobs that had to be done by large groups of employees stuck together in an office have disappeared.

More then ever now you see adverts everywhere promoting working from home and these include providing companies with customer services for their clients. The invention of Skype, video conferencing, online chat means that customers can be easily cared for by people who work from the comfort of their own homes.

So should we embrace this new way of working. Absolutely especially for the following 5 reasons

  • No more long journeys to work – less traffic congestion, lower carbon footprint.
  • Work the hours you want to – you can fit shopping, going to the gym, walking the dog, walking the kids to school. You can enjoy a much better quality of lifestyle.
  • Fits into your schedule – with some jobs you can work on the beach if you want to.
  • You can control how much you earn – you get paid for what you do – so the skies the limit.
  • You are you’re own boss – freedom to achieve great things.

I am facing an uncertain future with the company I am working with as new software is being introduced to take over at least 60%-70% of the work that many of us do. So be like me and embrace the future by working from home. You’ll be glad you did.

Source by Karen A Graham

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