You Will Love The Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

We love anything Disney and in particular Mickey Mouse. We've been to Disneyland numerous times and also vacationed in Disneyworld once too. It probably wouldn't come to a surprise to hear that our house is jam-packed with Disney toys and merchandise. Some have been great deals, some haven't been. We have purchased man the Mickey Mouse Tasty Baker, Mickey Mouse toaster and a Mickey-shaped egg pan. All have been fun, but not as fun as the one I am going to share with you. I'm writing this blog post to show you one that has been very popular in our house and that is the Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker.

The Mickey waffle maker makes perfect Mickey-shaped faces that are soft, puffy and taste great. It is such a good feeling to see my children's eyes light up as I present these cute waffles to them. My family just adore them! It is super simple to use too. There are Mickey lights that turn on when the waffle maker is hot enough and again when it is ready to eat. You also receive a useful measuring scoop that measures out the ideal volume of pancake mix each and every time. It is so easy that I even let my 8 year old girl prepare waffles for us.

The non-stick grill plates are so easy to wash too. To clean the waffle grill you only have to clean them in some warm water and wipe them down. A very cool extra is the brushed metal exterior case. A classic Mickey Mouse face is impressed into the side of the out shell and it looks awesome. It is nice enough that you may feel like keeping it on the kitchen counter instead of putting it away. It may stand on its side therefore storage is a breeze and does not use up much space in your pantry shelves.

If you want to bring a certain grin on your kid's faces then you definitely can't go awry with this particular waffle iron. We've had it for a couple months at this point and use it every Sunday morning. My kids still get ecstatic when I bring it out and in addition they generally consume every single bite. If you are a Walt disney enthusiast or perhaps your little ones like Mickey Mouse this is a genuinely cool product to improve your breakfasts. For $ 30, you'll be creating months or years worth of happiness.

Source by Jerry Gladstone

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