Your Subconscious Mind Is Limitless! It Never Misses A Thing!

Why do you think that phone numbers are only 7 digits long? Phone numbers contain seven numbers because that’s about all our conscious mind can handle. Our conscious mind, unlike our subconscious mind, is limited to about seven bits of data; give or takes a couple depending upon who you are and the complexity of the data presented. In contrast, our subconscious mind is limitless. It never misses a thing. It’s like a movie recording in our minds of everything that is happening around us! And this film never stops rolling.

Unfortunately, though, most of us don’t realize the power behind this eternal recording of our lives in our subconscious thinking. We tend to live our entire lives through the use of our limited conscious thinking mind rather than our unlimited subconscious instinctive mind.

Some people call this subconscious instinctive mind the first brain. It comes from way back when humans had much smaller brains and skulls. Eventually, humans learned how to learn beyond just their basic instincts of survival through rationalizing and planning. Thus, naturally, our human brains began to grow larger. Our skulls had no choice but to also grow larger in order to make room for the larger brain. It’s sort of like a second thinking; rationalizing brain grew over and took over our first primordial instinctive smaller hidden brain.

But you know what? Like the famous Route 66, our first brain, or our subconscious instinctual mind, is still there! And it is very powerful when it does get a rare chance to occasionally break through our more modern human-made barriers. The bottom line is that now human development is at a point where if we want our lives to get larger, then we are going to have to tap back into our smaller first brain, and let it share some of the workload of running our daily lives.

For example, have you ever had one of those times when you had a gut feeling about something? Remember that time when you were right about something but did not know how you knew you were right? These moments when you were feeling really lucky are probably the moments when your instincts were allowed to break through the barriers.

Now teens, and even tweens, go learn, lead, and lay the way to a better world for all of us. Don’t be afraid of the power of your first brain, or subconscious mind. It has unlimited power, never misses a thing, and can only enrich your life. And once again, thanks for all that you do, and all that you will do.

Source by Daniel Blanchard

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